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i'll show you a sweet dream the next night..
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sunny ❝picture perfect❞
Hey all. I'm sorry to say this, but I will be moving to a new (personal) graphics journal @ pandaliize. This journal has kind of died off and I felt the need for a change. With that said, all of my posts here have been deleted and moved over to my new journal.

I don't know if my fellow gfx-maker will continue to post here (sorry for the lack of notice!!), but please continue to support her if she does~ ♥ :))

~ xoxo ranchou
girl in costume
Yay, my first entry :3
Like ranchou, this entry mainly has a lot of old icons I created back in the day, so it's heavily filled with JRock shtuff. The new stuff is toward the bottom :)

* {28} JROCK
→ la vie en rose, mucc

→ robert pattinson, ben barnes

mai resources


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